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Discussing Budget With Your Contractor

When meeting with a new sales person most don’t know what to expect. The bad taste left in their mouths from previous salesmen has put them on the defensive. Because of this, budget has become almost a curse word in the sales industry. Dishonest salesmen have made clients lose trust in the sales process. It’s easy to understand, as no one likes to be taken advantage of. This is where a professional and knowledgeable contractor like Hankins Decks, LLC can ease your worries, and make you feel comfortable sharing your budget.

When our salesmen ask for your budget, they are simply trying to narrow down what products and designs will work best for you. If you have your heart set on a particular decking or railing option (or both) sometimes a design change is needed to meet a budget. With any home remodel, when a contractor can dial in on a specific budget, they will be able to offer the best products that meet your needs, all while staying under the amount you’re comfortable investing into your project. When we know what your budget is at the beginning of the sales process, we can hone in what products and designs will fit your budget, without breaking the bank. This will give you piece of mind, as well as a better project outcome.

A common answer I receive when I initially ask for a budget is “We don’t have one. We are really just unsure how much a project like this will be.” Understandably, most clients simply do not know the costs associated with building a new deck or outdoor space. Even online “estimators” do not include everything it takes to build a deck. While I don’t recommend setting a budget based on online estimators such as https://www.remodelingcalculator.org/deck-building-cost-calculator/, it is a great place to get a basic idea of costs. Expect to usually pay above the “high end” of any deck cost calculator, because like I mentioned before, they don’t usually include everything associated with a new deck. Key building phases like the removal and disposal of your old deck, or even permits are often left out of these estimators.

Long term budget is also something to think about. How much will it cost you to keep your project looking nice, years down the road? Wood decking will have costs associated with it throughout its lifespan, whereas composite and PVC decking will require much less maintenance and costs long term. While wood offers short term saves, the extra costs of composite or PVC decking is quickly made up for in just a few years. You’ll want to weigh these considerations as well when setting a budget.

Now that you have a better idea on why a contractor is asking for your budget, you can breathe a little easier knowing they are only trying to gain information to better your sales experience. You should never choose a contractor on price alone, instead chose a contractor who works with your budget to make you feel comfortable about the value you are gaining with your new deck.