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Can I Use A Snowblower On Decks?

Our experts at Hankins Decks don’t recommend using a snow blower on your deck for several reasons.
A man using a snowblower on deck

How Should You Clean Your Deck From Snow

Using a snowblower on decks is possible, but do it at your own risk. If you decide so, here are some tips to prevent any damage to your composite decking:

Use A Single-Stage Snowblower On Decks

You only want to use a single-stage blower on your deck. These blowers with rubber paddles spin at a high rate to collect and throw the snow. They are available in both electric and gas, and many homeowners already have one sitting in their garage.

Use Snowblowers On Decks Like Shovels

To successfully use a snowblower on your composite deck, you want to take the same approach as you would with shoveling. Run the blower lengthwise down your deck.

Be careful not to catch the blades (or the paddles) of your snowblower on the edges of your decking. This will cause ugly, irreparable damage.

Make Sure Your Deck Surface Is Safe

In Johnson County, we get more snow than the average in the US, so you won’t see what’s beneath the snow on your deck. Ensure there are no obstacles on your deck before you begin cleaning it.


A snowblower can potentially do quite a bit of damage to your composite deck boards very quickly. It’s a powerful machine that needs to be handled with the utmost care and attention.

Instead of risking damaging composite decking boards, using a snow shovel would be more efficient and way safer. It’s important to remember that composite decking boards can’t be refinished, so damaging them would be a costly mistake.

If you want to find out more about composite decking maintenance, get in touch today!